GAUDI: 4 curiosities you didn’t know about the best Modernism genius

Get in touch with Gaudi’s most intimate life to better understand the origins of his buildings.

Many people visit every day the most known monuments of the Catalan architect Antoni Gaudi but not many know his origins and the experiences that touched him as a young apprentice and helped develop his critical and disruptive way of thinking.

There are four main curiosities that explain why his legacy is heavily influenced by Nature, Innovation and Religion:

  • Did you know about his death the 10th of June 1926 when he was hit by a streetcar in the city of Barcelona? Of course you did! But now, did you know about his birth and how’s that related with nature? The exact location is completely unknown but we know he lived between Riudoms and Reus, two Catalan villages. Growing far from the heavily industrialized Barcelona allowed him to establish a special bond with nature which then influenced him during his professional career.
  • Thanks to his intuition and the mastering of the artisanal arts (learned during his youth) he saw his buildings globally and tried to incorporate special details such as Trencadís, which ultimately became the iconic element of his works.
  • He was completely dedicated to his work. He had a heavily active religious life caused by the heartbreak of his only known love affair: Josefa Moreu, in 1884.
  • Gaudi was a reserved and modest man. Maybe his love for nature lead him to become vegetarian. Anyhow, this led to him risking his live in numerous occasions in 1894 by giving in to long periods of fasting.

This is just a little introduction to better understand Gaudi’s life and why he became the well-known architect he is nowadays. Hopefully you’ll have now new information that’ll help you in your visits to the Sagrada Família, the Pedrera or Casa Batlló.

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Roof Details in Sagrada Família main Hall

Gaudi Sagrada Familia Roof Detail