Gothic Quarter in Barcelona: 8 spots you don’t wanna miss

The Gothic Quarter (El barri Gòtic) of Barcelona represents the greatest treasure of Gothic buildings in the entire Europe.

The neighborhood’s structure remained largely intact until the nineteenth century, time when the old medieval walls were demolished and the parish cemeteries were transformed into public squares. Inside the very streets of the Gothic Quarter took place the most relevant events that would determine the Barcelona’s future.

Nowadays it represents the ultimate expression of cosmopolitanism and diversity.

If you happen to wander around the labyrinth that is created by the medieval streets of the Gothic, you will find yourself hitting with the weirdest characters you could imagine. The most picturesque vagabonds, Catalan politicians, urban artists and citizens all coexist together in this exquisite quarter. Undoubtedly, the Gothic Quarter holds a special aura that you cannot find anywhere else in Barcelona.

Many of Barcelona’s secrets are well hidden among the streets of the Gothic Quarter. Here comes our must-visit list for those who do not want to miss a thing:

1. The surroundings of La Seu Cathedral

If you happen to be descending from Portal de l’Angel or Pl.Catalunya the first monument you’ll come across will be the majestic cathedral of Barcelona. Even if it’s totally worth it to enter the cathedral itself and discover its secrets we strongly recommend that you take your time to wander around it. The Carrer del Bisbe, with its Neo-Gothic bridge will catch your breath.

2. Walk around Plaça Nova on Thursday

This zone is crammed of elements that retell the history of Barcelona and its evolution. Plaça Nova brings you face to face the monumental gateway in wall of Barcino (the Roman city of Barcelona).This square becomes a market every thursday from 9a.m till 9p.m. Sardanas and Human towers are held here as well.

Barcino’s gateway

Barcino's Entrance

3. The Plaça Sant Jaume of Barcelona

After descending the Carrer del Bisbe you’ll arrive to Plaça Sant Jaume. Here you’ll be able to see two astonishing buildings facing each other: the town’s Hall and the Catalan Presidential Palace. If you happen to be visiting Barcelona in late September during the Mercè you’ll probably be able to witness the famous Catalan human castles or the typical Catalan dance: the Sardana.

4. Plaça del Pi

In the shadow of one of the finest gothic structures in Barcelona you’ll find the perfect spot to relax. Cafés, artists and wanderers all silently coexist in this wonderful place. Even if it’s easy to miss the Plaça del Pi is certainly one of the best spots to capture the true spirit of Barcelona, away from the intense touristic places and the rush of everyday life.

5. Frederic Marès museum

Kleptomaniac and general magpie, he collected everyting you can imagine. Marès spent every penny he earned as scupultor and professor on broadening his hoarings. His exhibition will surpass all your expectations.

Frederic Marès museum entrance

Frederic Marès museum

6. Immersive experience in El bosc de les Fades

Its literal meaning would translate to “Fairy Woods”. This café in the bottom of Las Ramblas is decorated exactly as one: its fake trees, strange mirrors and music all seem to feed from Gaudi’s spirit and create a charming ambient to chill and rest after a long day of visiting Barcelona.

El Bosc de les fades

El bosc de les fades

7. MUHBA (Museu d’història de Barcelona)

Subterran Roman excavations (streets, villas & storage vats…) discovered by accident in 20’s when Gothic Quarter was dug-up to make a way for Via Laietana. No one should leave Barcelona without living this amazing journey to the past.

8. Meatballs in Bar Mingus

In comparison with all other bars sorrounding the zone, Mingus bar produces a tasty meatballs and incredible “ensaladilla russa”. Each tapa goes with a Beer. Very appropriate choice for foodies.

Mingu’s Bar

Mingu's bar

These are just some of the secrets held in The Gothic Quarter of Barcelona. If you want to truly discover all of them and learn its history we strongly recommend you to take a walking tour. You can find a selection of them in our platform.

We hope you’ll enjoy it!

Gothic Quarter in Barcelona

Barri Gòtic de Barcelona