Palau de la Musica: 3 reasons not to miss it when visiting Barcelona

Everybody knows about Sagrada Familia, everybody visits the Pedrera but, did you take the Catalan Music Palace into account when planning your trip to Barcelona?

A lot of people are familiar with the numerous buildings that Antoni Gaudi has in Barcelona but it’s not uncommon for those same people to miss the astonishing work of another modernist architect: Lluis Domenech i Muntaner.

We’ll give you three reasons why you can’t afford to miss it:

  1. Domenech i Muntaner, its architect, represents another great exponent of the modernist movement of the twentieth century. In the same way Sagrada Familia resembles a wild and deep forest the Palau de la Musica will carry you to a beautiful garden with blooming flowers. Getting to see this kind of architecture is a onetime life chance as you will never be able to find this exuberance in another city in the world.
  2. You may think that its impressive façade with bright and colorful contrasts is the reason why this building is a must see in Barcelona. Wrong. The true beauty of the building lies in the interior. The main Concert Hall, with its ornamented glass roof, is one of the most stunning views Barcelona has to offer.
  3. Visiting the Palau de la Musica through one of the daily tours will grant you the chance to discover the true beauty of this building. Nonetheless, nothing compares to the experience of attending a concert in such a special location: the conjunction of the modernist architecture and the perfect sonority of its Hall creates one of the most charming experiences you can enjoy during your stay in Barcelona.

Overall, the Catalan Palau de la Musica represents a must see for those who seek a panoramic point of view of the Modernist architecture in Barcelona. You will remember much more than just Gaudi once you return home after your stay in the Catalan capital; of that, we can assure you.

Make sure to book your experience beforehand as tickets are limited in numbers!

Palau de la Musica Catalana – Main Hall Scenario

Palau de la Musica de Barcelona